Genetic Test of Athletic Abilities

Genetic test of athletic abilities allows determining individual inherent predisposition to succeed in either endurance or power sports. 

 Price of the genetic test for athletic abilities is 105€.    
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Athletic abilities depend on various factors such as choosing the right sport, continuous and diverse training, proper diet, and psychological preparation. Genetics also plays significant role in athletic performance, which evolves from the interaction of several genes. Genetic test of athletic abilities is recommendatory and indicates individual genetic predisposition to engage in certain sports. In some cases, it is necessary to contribute more to endurance and long-term effort, while others require short, high-intensity effort.

Genetic test does not give 100% guarantee to succeed in certain sport, but it does describe individual hereditary predisposition to be more successful in one or another sport. However, realisation of such predisposition depends on the decisions and behaviour of particular person.

Genetic test of athletic abilities describes:

  • better or equal disposition to engage in either endurance sports or power sports;
  • the score of genetic predisposition to engage in either endurance or power sports on 8-point scale;
  • the regulation of blood supply, work capacity and metabolic processes in your muscles;
  • the type of muscle fibres – fast-twitch or slow-twitch;
  • the availability of energy in cells;
  • the availability of constant energy supply in your muscles during exercise;
  • the presence and extent of protection of your skeletal muscles against fatigue;
  • the rate of your muscle growth and availability of energy supply in skeletal muscles;
  • the regulation of the regeneration of myocardial tissue;
  • the consumption of glucose and oxygen in heart and skeletal muscles during exercise.

How to take a sample? 

It is very easy to take the genetic test of athletic abilities!  Start by taking a DNA sample. For that purpose, rub the inside of your cheek with a sterile cotton swab, let it dry and then mail the sample to us. The results will be available within 30 days.

Have a look at our sampling instructions video.

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