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Until end of January, the NutriSmart food intolerance test has a discounted price of €105. The test can be done at home or in our office. In case of food intolerances, we also recommend ordering nutritional counseling at a discounted price.
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When ordering both genetic test for weight management test and genetic test of athletic abilities, the price per test is 95€ for a total of 190€.
* Prices do not include postal charges for international deliveries outside Europe.  

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15. May

Helicobacter pylori rapid test

Until the end of May, all those ordering food intolerance test from Sports Gene will get a H. pylori rapid test for free (usual price 15 EUR).

30. January

Food intolerance – causes, detection and interpretation

Hypersensitivity or intolerance against certain foods continues to be controversial topic. What is the mechanism behind it, whether and how to determine it, how to proceed after receiving test results?

30. January

The role of genetics in determining diurnal preferences

Have you felt more forgetful and less focused after a sleepless night? Have you noticed that some of your friends are active already early in the morning, while others would sleep till noon and prefer to work late at night? These are but a few examples of the effect sleep may have on us, our productivity and even our health.